Abstract Submission and Guidelines

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A concise and factual abstract (250-500 words) should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions. An abstract is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone. For this reason, References should be avoided, but if essential, then cite the author(s) and year(s). Also, non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided, but if essential they must be defined at their first mention in the abstract itself. Authors submitting abstracts and presenting papers are responsible for any conflict of interest and/or plagiarism.

Fulltext Submission (not compulsory) & Guidelines

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Fulltext(s) (max. 10 pages) must be written by using standard template, and grammatically correct and clear.
The number of the fulltext submission is limited with the number of registered author of the Manuscript.
Each additional published arrticles will be charged to be 190 Euro. After early bird registration, the fee for additional article will be charged to be 220 Euro.

All submitted full texts will be published in proceeding journal which is indexed in Web of Science, SCOPUS, etc. after their review.
Please consider that registration fee must be paid after acceptance of your fulltext until 16 July 2021. Otherwise your fulltext will not be included in the journal.

Authors have the responsibility for the ethical problems. During the production of the publisher, if the article(s) is declined by the publisher because of the excessive amount of overlap with previously published contents, the WMESS does not accept responsibility, and the fee is not eligible for refund. Because the publisher do charge for the overall submission, so the declined papers are also charged according to the publishing agreement.

Poster Instructions and Guidelines

Size - A1 (594 mm * 841 mm) - Posters must be vertically oriented and must be readable from a distance of 1 or 2 m.  
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